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SCN5 Series Mechatronics Cylinder - Electromechanical Cylinders
SCN5 Series Mechatronics Cylinder
Electromechanical Cylinders
Dyadic Systems Co.
From: $340.00/ea
DMC-30000 - Ethernet/RS232 Stand-Alone Motion Controllers
Ethernet/RS232 Stand-Alone Motion Controllers
Galil Motion Control Inc
From: $545.00/ea
Model DZXCANTE-040L080 - CANopen Input  Trapezoidal Brushless Servo Amplifiers:  Extended Environment Models
Model DZXCANTE-040L080
CANopen Input Trapezoidal Brushless Servo Amplifiers: Extended Environment Models
Advanced Motion Controls
From: $780.00/ea
BJ S., Hinze Auto.
"It took me quite a while to solve this problem (using your recommendations). Anyway, so far so good, and thank you for your constant effort in solving this problem."
Jeff R., Remiel
" Thank you Warren.  UPS contacted us this morning to confirm details for delivery.  Appreciate the fast service.  Enjoy  your weekend, Jeff "
Jon H., UBC
"Thanks very much for all your help with this. I was getting the feeling from other distributors I had dealt with, that they weren't really listening to my design needs so much as trying to sell me the most expensive system they could. It was a great relief when you came up with a solution that fit my needs, timeframe and budget. I'll recommend the rest of the hardware team check you guys out for any other motion control needs we may have."
Scott S., ATS
"Thanks Kaye. I appreciate the help. As a company that builds custom automation we are constantly coming up against minimum order policies and really value distributors that help us out of these jams. Machines get expensive if we're always buying more parts than we really need. Thanks again. "
Russ G., Artisan
"I just wanted to provide you with a little customer feedback. I received the brushes on Nov. 16, and they worked beautifully! My customer is also very happy that they can now replace brushes instead of motors, when the brushes are the only problem, saving them potentially thousands of dollars over the long term. Thanks for all your help! "
Trevor J., Image Point
"The AMP system is working wonderfully. It's an excellent product. Very straight forward to setup and program and very flexible. It's meeting the requirements perfectly. Thank you,"
Sergio M., Autonomous
" Hello friend , sorry still have not returned the message I'm still waiting for an approval of my partner . Ok But I am very grateful for the concern, really liked the versatility of your company, then return the contact , thanks "
Brent D., EDI
"Rosanna, Thanks for your attention in this matter - you and your staff seem really eager to help us - and we reeeeally like that!"
Lloyd T., TTC
"Cool stuff Warren, it seems to be working, I am not getting the compile error anymore. Thanks very much for your quick response."
Dave R., LAI
"Thank you for all of your support over the past year."
Jose G., Bubble Technology
"We are satisfied."
Pete L., CAE
"Outstanding information...great service as usual. regards Pete"
J. Guajardo, VAI-INGDESI
"Dear Elizabeth Thank you very much, I am very glad to work this first time with you. You ship us at the date was arranged. "
Ina D., Christie
"I really appreciate you bringing these motors out to me tomorrow morning. A BIG THANK YOU to you and your order expeditor. I really appreciate the help."
Charlie G., Standard Electric
"You had better delivery"
Robiin R. ams MG
"   Good morning Marilena and thank you very much for your reliable support!   Best regards   Robin "
Sacha H., Minova
"Thanks again... you’re a great help!"
Beverly L., Pierce Pacific
"Thank you very much Claudia! I appreciate your excellent service!"
Sebastien M., LX Inc.
" Your website presents the most interesting products I have seen on the market "
Jon B., Afton
" Please thank Tom and you Warren for the fast reply.   Sent information in to the home office to order. "
Martin S., Environment Canada
"Keep up the good work!"
John E., USAF
" Thanks Warren,   I appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into this order. "
Meriton R., ATS
"Thank-you guys, I appreciate your help."
Alexandra K., Mulbauer
" Hi Kaye, Many thanks for the good news!!! I really appreciate your help - this shows real customer care.... "
Todd M., MDS
"Thanks Warren! That was a super fast problem solver! I appreciate your support."
Jim H., York University
"Very Professional! Thanks For Great Service!"
David P., CTS
"Kaye, once again I'd like to thank you very much for your efforts yesterday in helping us sourcing a servo controller; it was very much appreciated. We are very grateful for your time and effort."
Ludwig S., Heinrich
" Dear Warren,   thanks a lot for your quick response!!!!!!!!!!!   You provide excellent service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!           Ludwig "
Larry D., Fairchild
" Warren,   Yes! Thanks very much for the information, it is exactly what I needed.  Thanks again,      LarryD "
Carmen P., University of Houston
" Good afternoon Marilena,   We have received the part and everything is working fine. I just would like to thank you for all your support. "
Robert W., NRC
"Thanks. It's always nice to get a quick turnaround on the quotes."
Steve J., Bodycoat
"I just wanted to thank you for your help with the linear actuator. We have just started our experiments and it performs very well. I can defininetly see using it for future applications and at some point it would be nice to use some of the other compenents which you have previously recommended. "
Pamela K., NWT Inc.
"...our client was happy to receive both their touch screens on the dates arranged. Thank you very much for arranging the direct shipment; it saved a whole ton of time. "
Jeff P., CTC
"Warren, Thank you for the awesome turn-around. I have forwarded to my technical representative to confirm that what I'm asking for is correct."
Rob P., MDS
"Your salesperson Warren is extremely efficient & knowledgeable"
Hani Baset
" Dear Mr. Warren Osak; I write this mail to thank you for your Help to make this purchase possible and easy. i have received the  ICM2900. thanks again. Hani "
Johnson O., Gannon University
"   Thank you for your unbiased opinion about the most suitable power supply.  Definitely, I'll order the Model 12A8 from your company and I'll be glad to recommend it to others as well. I'll process the order ASAP. "
Wes W., Progressive Machine
"Our order was very well packaged & delivery was quicker than expected"
Jill L., Haakon
"Thank you for your help. We really appreciate your time."
Jake D., A1 Machine Solutions
" Warren - Thanks so much for your help. We will try this and see how it works out. "
Gary D., DG Consulting Services
"I cannot thank you enough for your help and support. I look forward to your comments on the code that I will forward for your review."
Bob C., Red River
"Help has been tremendous. Thank you again. Happy to have the help for this application. You seemed ready and willing to help us."
Sylvain B., Videotron
"Hi Claudia. I responded to the survey. I wan't to express my great satisfaction dealing with your company. Very professionnal and helpful. Thanks again and Happy Holiday to all your staff and their families."
Thomas E., Evertson
"...One thing I would like to add, is that you have proven to be the most consistant and professional of all of the motor distributors I have been talking with thus far."
Brian V., Paris Technical
"Kaye did an excellent job with expediting & follow-up"
Dan K., Schott
" Hi Warren - Haha, no worries, you are my go-to guy on this stage.  You've been prompt and thorough with your replies and I appreciate that.  I will let you know when we actually order the stage but it should be this week sometime.  Thanks,  Dan "
Cyril V., PJ Mfg.
"Satisfied with service"
Dave L., KD Ican
"Hi Warren, Thanks for the quote. Hopefully it will go OK. As I mentioned, I have used the amp controls on 2 jobs with good performance. In fact, each machine runs every day with no trouble. I have found the software very easy to use, the servo tuning was great."
Max G., Bretco
"Thanks for the Lunch N' Learn Seminar yesterday; it was one of the better seminars that I have been to in a long time. The instructor kept to the point, the questions were all legit, etc. Anyway, I will play around with the motor calculating/sizing CD you gave me when I have some spare time and I will definitely keep in touch. "
Ida D., ATS
"Marilena / Claudia, thank you for the work that you have done with getting these Maxon motors in to ATS... your help and hard work is greatly appreciated.... Thank you "
Dave G., G.E.
"I would like to thank you personally for the excellent service hand delivering the remaining motors & gearboxes. You have been a great help to G.E."
Gordon T., AECL
"Hi Warren, The quote looked good and I have asked our purchasing department to act on it. Your company is on AECL's approved vendors list so you should be seeing the purchase order come in soon. Thank you for your quick and knowledgeable response."

"Hi Claudia. I responded to the survey. I wan't to express my great satisfaction dealing with your company. Very..."

-Sylvain B., Videotron

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"Hi Warren, The quote looked good and I have asked our purchasing department to act on it. Your company is on AECL's..."

-Gordon T., AECL

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