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PMDC Motor Linear Actuators

PMDC Motor Linear Actuators

Based on modified hybrid stepping motors, ElectroCraft AxialPower Plus motors are capable of producing linear forces up to 800 pounds and resolutions up to 0.000125" per 1.8° step.  The reliability and precision of our AxialPower Plus and L3 motors come from using only the highest quality parts. We use stainless steel to increase the durability of our actuating leadscrews. And our internal rotating nuts are made from a range of engineered polymers for low-friction, smooth operation.

For applications needing a little more force, try our L3 linear actuators.

Typical applications for AxialPower motors:
- Custom OEM applications (OUR SPECIALTY!)
- Packaging
- Semiconductor handling and testing
- Antenna positioning
- Laboratory equipment
- Electric braking systems for railway cars
- Medical
- Pick & Place
- X-Y tables
- Dispensing

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