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Model DZEANTU-020B080
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LP3500 Series

Single-board Computer Products

Fox Models LP3500, LP3510

LP3500 Series - Single-board Computer Products
from $145.00/ea

The LP3500 Fox is a low-power single-board computer designed to operate reliably virtually any place it is deployed, especially where power is limited, such as in portable, hand-held, battery-powered, and remote monitoring systems. The LP3500 features built-in analog and digital I/O and consumes less than 20 mA when fully operational and less than 100 µA in power-save mode.

The LP3500 incorporates the low-EMI Rabbit 3000 microprocessor, up to 512K each of Flash and SRAM, 26 industrialized digital I/O, A/D converter inputs and PWM outputs, 6 serial ports, one relay, and two dedicated function ports for easy connection to serial Flash, keypad/display, and other devices. (The LP3510 is a lower-cost model without A/D or relay features). The Fox runs at up to 7.4 MHz at a variety of power levels under software control, thereby accommodating a wide range of operating conditions. The board is equipped with 0.1 connectors, and users can supply their own cables or plug the SBC directly into sockets on their motherboard.

The LP3500 can be used for remote telemetry (RTUs), pipeline monitoring, GPS/asset tracking, handheld wireless devices, remote data acquisition, electrical transmission line monitoring, and other applications that require low power control. An optional 3.3 V keypad/display module is available as a convenient user interface, which can be made NEMA 4-compliant when panel mounted.

A socketed coin-type battery facilitates long-term data storage (SRAM) and RTC operation. When powered by an external battery or power supply (3-30 VDC), the unit can be awakened from the power-save mode by an internal timer, an RS-232 signal, or via polling of an external input. The LP3500 can be switched from power-save mode to full operation and back again via software control. In addition, various sections of circuitry (e.g., RS-232 ports) can be switched off via software control to further conserve power when not in use.

The LP3500 can be mounted to a panel or plastic mounting base that allows I/O connections via traditional connectors with 0.1-inch spacing, or it can be inverted and directly mounted to mating connectors on a customer-designed motherboard. The first approach is appropriate where I/O connections go directly to devices and switches, while the second method is suitable where additional circuitry is incorporated on the motherboard.

Programs are developed for the LP3500 using Z-World's industry-proven Dynamic C software development system. An extensive library of drivers and demo programs is also provided. Both LP3500 models can be programmed and debugged over Ethernet/Internet using appropriate accessory hardware.

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Features of Single-board Computer Products


  • Power-save mode draws <100 µA
  • Low operating consumption: <20 mA at 7.4 MHz
  • 26 industrialized I/O 1 relay
  • 8 A/D converter inputs w/ programmable gain
  • 6 serial ports (1 RS-485, 3 RS-232, 2 TTL)
  • Optional keypad/display, serial Flash, peripherals

Name/Description 1-4 (US$) 5-9 (US$) 10-24 (US$)
Model LP3510. 256K Flash/128K SRAM, no analog inputs, no relay.
 145.00  136.00  136.00
Model LP3500. 512K Flash/512K SRAM, analog inputs, relay.
 194.00  182.00  182.00

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Spec Sheet: BL1800-LP3500 Series Spec Sheet.pdf
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-Optional Software for SBC&d=100117
-Optional Operator Interfaces
-Optional Peripherals & Accessories
-Software: Dynamic C Premier
-Software: Dynamic C Sample Programs
-User Manual:
-User Manual:

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