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Model S60A40AC

Analog Input Sinusoidal Brushless Servo Amplifiers

45-270 VAC Input, 30A cont. (60A pk)@ 63-375VDC Output

Model S60A40AC - Analog Input Sinusoidal Brushless Servo Amplifiers
from $1,550.00/ea

The S60A40AC Series PWM servo amplifiers are designed to drive three phase brushless motors with sine wave current at a high switching frequency. They require two sinusoidal command signals with a 120-degree phase shift (external commutation). The phase angle must correspond to the position of the motor rotor, while the signal amplitude controls the motor torque. All models typically interface directly with digital controllers. The amplifiers are fully protected against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-heating, and short-circuits. The S60A40AC requires a single or three-phase AC power supply. A red/green LED and two digital outputs indicate operating status. All signal inputs and outputs are optically isolated from the power section to eliminate the need for a transformer coupled power supply.

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Features of Analog Input Sinusoidal Brushless Servo Amplifiers

  • Surface-mount technology
  • Small size, low cost, ease of use
  • Optical isolation, see block diagram
  • Sinusoidal drive and current control
  • Four quadrant regenerative operation
  • AC supply operation

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Sinusoidal Brushless Servo Amplifiers (sinusoidal commutation)
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AMC Application Brochure 2011
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AMC Servo Drive Product Line Catalog 2017
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