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Regeneration Clamp For Servo Amplifiers

Clamp circuit limiting power supply buss voltage

RC-050 - Regeneration Clamp For Servo Amplifiers
from $150.00/ea

As with most servo systems a clamp circuit is required to limit increase power supply buss voltage when the motor is decelerating under load. This is commonly referred to as "regeneration" which is what happens when DC motors are driven by their load. During regeneration the DC motor can produce enough voltage to actually exceed the input power supply voltage. More sophisticated servo amplifiers deal with this by channeling the increased motor voltage back to the source power supply. If the voltage is not clamped to a safe level the amplifier can be damaged or destroyed.

The BL7080i and BL7080x servo amplifier/controllers are types that channel the increasing voltage back to the input power supply. In some cases this can be handled by placing a significant size capacitor at the input to "absorb" the voltage impulse. However, this is often not enough especially in cases where a large inertial mass is being decelerated. For this reason Applied Motion Products offers a "Regen Clamp" module for our servo drive products. With this module one or more servo drives can be protected from "Over Voltage" conditions by placing the clamp module between the power supply and the drive. The clamp tracks the input power supply and will operate from 24 to 80 volts. No adjustments are needed.

The Regen Clamp is designed to handle a wide range of conditions. The voltage input matches the needs of the AMP servo drives by providing 24 to 80 VDC capabilities. The clamps come in different versions for moderate to high power operation. External power resistors can be added for even greater continuous power requirements. The modules are small and compact to minimize impact on the system design. More than one servo drive can be connected to the clamp module with the potential to handle an entire multi-axis system. The RC-050 is mounted on a heat sink and has a 50 watt power resistor for more continuous current handling.

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Features of Regeneration Clamp For Servo Amplifiers

  • Size: 4.0" x 3.0" x 2.2" tall (with stand offs)
  • Voltage Range: 24 to 80 VDC, no user adjustments
  • Peak Power: 800 Watts
  • Continuous Power: RC-050 - 50 Watts
  • Connection: 6 pin screw terminal block accepts 12 - 18 guage wire
  • Indicators: A green led indicates power supply voltage is present. A red led indicates when the clamp is operating
  • Protection: The power supply is internally connected to an "Input Diode" that protects it from the higher regeneration voltages. The diode protects the system from connecting the power supply in reverse

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50 Watt regeneration clamp circuit
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