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RCM3300 Series

Core Modules

RCM3300 RabbitCore Models RCM3300, RCM3310

RCM3300 Series - Core Modules
from $97.00/ea

The RCM3300 RabbitCore microprocessor core module is the ideal option for designers who want to rapidly develop and implement secure web browser enabled embedded systems. Derived from industrial client feedback and combining traditional RabbitCore product strengths into one device, the RCM3300 is fully loaded: Rabbit 3000 @ 44MHz clock, 10/100Base-T Ethernet connectivity, 4 or 8 MB Serial Flash, 512K Flash, 512K program execution and 512K data SRAM. 49 digital I/O shared with the 5 serial ports operate at 3.3 V (with 5 V-tolerant I/O).

RabbitCores mount directly on a user-designed motherboard and act as the controlling microprocessor for the user's system. RabbitCores can interface with all manner of CMOS-compatible digital devices through the user's motherboard. Programs are developed with our industry-proven Dynamic C® development system, a C-language environment that includes an editor, compiler, and in-circuit debugger (Dynamic C is included in low-cost development kits). Efficient hardware and software integration facilitates rapid design and development. User programs can be compiled, executed, and debugged using Dynamic C and a programming cable - no in-circuit emulator is required. An extensive library of drivers and sample programs is provided, along with royalty-free TCP/IP stack with source.

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Features of Core Modules

Jumpstart your evaluation and design efforts with a complete development kit, which includes RCM3300 microprocessor core module, development board with prototyping area, Dynamic C development system and complete documentation on CD-ROM, serial cable for programming and debugging, Getting Started manual, and AC adapter (U.S./Canada only).

RabbitWeb: HTTP/HTML Rapid Web Development Extension for Embedded Devices





  • Read and write program variables remotely, while eliminating complex CGI programming
  • Easily create controls such as pull-down menus or control buttons
  • Ensure valid input values and proper user authorization
  • Elegantly indicate input errors for easy correction
  • 10X reduction in CGI programming and debugging time File Allocation Table (FAT) File System: Ready to Run Flash Based File System
  • Works with Dynamic C® HTTP server to reliably update content
  • Reliable storage: data bases and web pages
  • Supports battery backed wear-reducing cache system to protect file system during power loss Secure Socket Layer (SSL): HTTPS Security for 8-Bit Embedded Devices
  • Fast processing of complex encryption algorithms: up to 120 Kbits/sec
  • Supports HTTPS with SSL version 3 and Transport Layer Security (TLS) vs. 1
  • Royalty and license free with digital certificate creation utility
  • Secure existing web application in minutes with < 10 lines of code Remote Download System Sample Program (Included in Dynamic C): Reliable Firmware Updates
  • Easily performs reliable firmware updates through a web browser interface
  • Store and run several different downloaded programs enabling remote deployment of a multi-functional target
  • Monitors downloaded application and provides email alarms for program problems






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    Model RCM3300
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    -Software: Dynamic C Premier
    -Software: Dynamic C Sample Programs
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    -User Manual:
    -User Manual:
    -White Paper: http://www.rabbitsem...m/products/US_RCMGuide_022505.pdf
    -White Paper:

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