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ESM Series

Couplings, Elastomer

Torque Range: 10 Nm - 700 Nm. Bore Range: 6 mm - 60 mm

ESM Series - Couplings, Elastomer
from $319.00/ea

GAM offers you a complete line of servo couplings. We can help you define your coupling needs and offer you technically superior and cost-effective solutions. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities enable us to customize your couplings for your exact applications. Our strategic partner is in Germany, Jakob Antriebstechnik, designed our original couplings over 25 years ago and they have become the standard for today's dynamic servo applications. Our wide coupling selection is the result of many years of research and development with various performance characteristics to meet your specific requirements. Due to the modularity of our products, we also have the capability to develop new designs quickly and affordably.

All GAM Couplings feature-

  • Low Inertia- The combination of compact dimensions and the use of advanced lightweight materials results in excellent servo response.
  • Compensation of Misalignment- The compensation of lateral, angular and axial misalignments allows for thermal expansion and bearing protection.
  • Zero Backlash- The frictional shaft/hub connections of the radial clamping hubs or conical bushings require no keyways for a smooth torque transmission
  • No Maintenance- No lubrication of wearing components provides for lifetime operation, assuming that torque values or shaft misalignments are not exceeded

Product Availability:
Custom Order: Ships in 2-3 Weeks
(Expedited Airfreight Option Available For Sooner Delivery)

Features of Couplings, Elastomer

  • High Torque Range- Torque values from 0.44 Nm to 44,000 Nm allow servo motors to be used in applications ranging from semi-conductor to paper manufacturing.
  • High Torsional Stiffness- High torsional rigidity and low lateral spring rates provide accurate rotational positioning with low bearing loads.
  • High Temperatures- In temperature-sensitive environments, bellow couplings can be used at temperatures up to 5700° F without any limitations
  • Patented Connection Method- The press-fit method of joining the bellows to the hub is ideal for methods such as welding due to changers in material properties and glue connections that lose their bonding properties over time
  • High Speeds- Rotational speeds up to 25,000 rpm without additional balancing are ideal for high-speed spindle applications
  • Easy Clamp System- Eliminates possibility of coupling damage during installation or removal

Name/Description 1-4 (US$) 5-9 (US$) 10-24 (US$)
Size 10
 319.00  319.00 *call
Size 1000
 1,750.00  1,750.00 *call
Size 150
 677.00  677.00 *call
Size 17
 380.00  380.00 *call
Size 200
 758.00  758.00 *call
Size 25
 400.00  400.00 *call
Size 320
 779.00  779.00 *call
Size 400
 855.00  855.00 *call
Size 43
 482.00  482.00 *call
Size 50
 499.00  499.00 *call
Size 500
 1,120.00  1,120.00 *call
Size 60
 535.00  535.00 *call
Size 700
 1,449.00  1,449.00 *call
Size 90
 549.00  549.00 *call

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