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RCM4000 Series

Core Modules

RCM4000 RabbitCore Models RCM4000, RCM4010

RCM4000 Series - Core Modules
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The RCM4000 microprocessor core module is a powerful embedded Ethernet control device that has the intelligence and internet connectivity that allows your devices to be remotely monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world.

The RCM4000 is the first RabbitCore module to take advantage of the integrated Ethernet on the new Rabbit® 4000 microprocessor. Running at 58.98 MHz, equipped with 16-bit memory, on-chip DMA channels and 500 new code instructions, the RCM4000 can handle both communications and intelligence of your embedded device. The microprocessor also features GPIO lines shared with up to five serial ports, four levels of alternate pin functions that include variable phase PWM, quadrature decoder, and input capture.

The RCM4000 series feature a small footprint of 1.84" × 2.41" × 0.77" (47 mm × 61 mm × 20 mm), complete with the Rabbit 4000 microprocessor, 512K Flash, 512K SRAM, 10Base-T Ethernet, and 32 MB NAND flash and eight channels of 12-bit A/D on the RCM4000 model. The RCM4000 core module is ready for network connectivity and I/O control for true device internet communication and control.

RabbitCores mount directly onto a user designed motherboard, and can interface with CMOS-compatible digital devices via the user’s motherboard. Programs are developed with our industry-proven Dynamic C development system that includes an editor, compiler, and in-circuit debugger.

Programming is easy with hundreds of samples and libraries that are pre-developed, for a user to be up and running in no time. No in-circuit emulator is required, no third party tools needed. Dynamic C enhanced compiler generates smaller code, support for far pointers and far data for easy access to external memory devices, improvements to AES encryption libraries, and a new I/O configuration utility that helps assign pin functions and guides those selections so that conflicts can be avoided.

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Features of Core Modules



Rabbit® 4000 microprocessor with Integrated Ethernet





  • Clock speed at 58.98 MHz with 16-bit memory
  • 32 MB NAND flash for data
  • 512K Flash / 512K SRAM
  • 8 channel 12-bit A/D converter
  • Up to 25 GPIO with multi-layer alternate pin functions
  • Up to 5 CMOS-compatible serial ports
  • Low power modes and speeds as low as 2 kHz
  • Low EMI
  • Optimized for use with Dynamic C® 10 – a powerful integrated development environment










    Name/Description 1-4 (US$) 5-9 (US$) 10-24 (US$)
    Model RCM4010
     67.00  67.00  67.00
    RCM4000 Development Kit
     232.00  232.00  232.00
    Model RCM4000
     87.00  87.00  87.00

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     Links to Downloadable Files:
    Spec Sheet: RCM4000_4010.pdf
    Download Size: 268.98 kb
     External Links to Downloadable Files:
    -Optional Software for SBC&d=100117
    -Software: Dynamic C Premier
    -Software: Dynamic C Sample Programs
    -Spec Sheet:
    -User Manual: http://www.rabbitsem...on/docs/manuals/RCM4000/index.htm
    -User Manual:

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