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Ethernet/RS232 Stand-Alone Motion Controllers

Stand-Alone 1-Thru 8-Axis, Accelera Series Motion Controller

DMC-4000 - Ethernet/RS232 Stand-Alone Motion Controllers
from $1,595.00/ea

The DMC-40x0 motion controller is Galil's highest performance, stand-alone motion controller. It belongs to Galil's latest generation motion controller family: the Accelera Series, which accepts encoder inputs up to 22 MHz, provides servo update rates as high as 32 kHz, and processes commands as fast as 40 microseconds-10 times the speed of prior generation controllers.

The DMC-40x0 is a full-featured motion controller packaged with optional multi-axis drives in a compact, metal enclosure. The unit operates stand-alone or interfaces to a PC with Ethernet 10/100Base-T or RS232. The controller includes optically isolated I/O, high-power outputs capable of driving brakes or relays, and analog inputs for interfacing to analog sensors. The DMC-40x0 controller and drive unit accepts power from a single 20-80 VDC source. The DMC-40x0 is available in one through eight-axis formats, and each axis is user-configurable for stepper or servo motor operation.

Like all Galil controllers, programming the DMC-40x0 is simplified with two-letter, intuitive commands and a full set of software tools such as WSDK for servo tuning and analysis, and an ActiveX Tool Kit for Visual Basic users.

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Features of Ethernet/RS232 Stand-Alone Motion Controllers

  • Packaged controller in 1 through 8 axis versions: DMC-40x0 where x=1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 axes
  • (1) 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port (2) RS232 ports up to 115 kbaud
  • User-configurable for stepper or servo motors on any combination of axes
  • Accepts up to 22 MHz encoder frequencies for servos and outputs pulses at 6 MHz for steppers
  • Sample times as low as 31 microseconds per axis
  • Advanced PID compensation with Velocity and Acceleration feedforward, integration limits, notch filter and low-pass filter.
  • Modes of motion include jogging, point-to-point positioning, position tracking, contouring, linear and circular interpolation, electronic gearing and ECAM
  • Multitasking for concurrent execution of up to eight application programs. Ultra-fast command processing.
  • Expanded, non-volatile memory for application programs, variables and arrays
  • Dual encoders for every servo axis
  • Optically isolated home input and forward and reverse limits for every axis
  • 8 isolated, uncommitted inputs and 8 isolated outputs for 1- through 4-axes models; 16 inputs and 16 outputs for 5- through 8-axis models
  • Isolated, high-power outputs for driving brakes or relays
  • 8 uncomitted analog inputs
  • 32 additional 3.3V TTL I/O (5V option)
  • 2 line x 8 chr LCD
  • High speed position latch and output compare
  • Accepts single 20 - 80 VDC input
  • Available with AMP-43040 for driving four servo motors up to 80 V, 10 A peak
  • Custom hardware and firmware options available

Name/Description 1-4 (US$) 5-9 (US$) 10-24 (US$)
1-axis Ethernet/RS232
 1,595.00  1,595.00  1,515.00
Two 600W servo drives-sine commutation
AMP-43520 (-D3520)
 650.00  650.00  615.00
Two 1.4A stepper drives
SDM-44020 (-D4020)
 125.00  125.00  120.00
Software Tools for Visual Basic
ActiveX Tool Kit
 595.00 *call *call
Multi-axis amplifier board with (2) 500W servo drives
 450.00  450.00  406.00
Multi-axis amplifier board with (4) 500W servo drives
 700.00  700.00  625.00
Multi-axis amplifier board with (4) 20W Linear servo drives
 175.00  175.00  170.00
1-axis Ethernet/RS232 controller with D-type connectors
 1,595.00  1,595.00  1,515.00
2-axis Ethernet/RS232 controller with D-type connectors
 1,695.00  1,695.00  1,610.00
3-axis Ethernet/RS232 controller with D-type connectors
 1,995.00  1,995.00  1,895.00
4-axis Ethernet/RS232 controller with D-type connectors
 2,295.00  2,295.00  2,180.00
5-axis Ethernet/RS232 controller with D-type connectors
 2,695.00  2,695.00  2,560.00
6-axis Ethernet/RS232 controller with D-type connectors
 2,895.00  2,895.00  2,750.00
7-axis Ethernet/RS232 controller with D-type connectors
 3,045.00  3,045.00  2,895.00
8-axis Ethernet/RS232 controller with D-type connectors
 3,195.00  3,195.00  3,035.00
Windows API Toolkit (C, C , VB, etc..)
*0.01 *call *call
Communication drivers for Linux, QNX, DOS, Win 3.1, 95/98,2000 CE and NT
Galil Utilities
*0.01 *call *call
(4) 1.4A stepper drives - Full, half, 1/4, 1/16 step
 175.00  175.00  170.00
(4) 3A microstep drives
SDM-44140(4) 3A microstep drives
 600.00  600.00  550.00
Shunt regulator
 50.00  50.00  46.00
Servo Tuning and Analysis Software
WSDK Servo
 195.00  195.00 *195.00
SSI encoder option
SSI Option
 100.00  100.00  95.00
BISS Feedback Option
BISS Option
 100.00  100.00  95.00
Four 750W servo drives
AMP-43240 (-D3240)
 900.00  825.00  750.00
Four 600W servo drives-sine commutation
AMP-43540 (-D3540)
 1,000.00  1,000.00  925.00
Four 20W servo drives - sine commutation
AMP-43640 (-D3640)
 600.00  600.00  550.00
Solid State Relay option
SSR Option
 75.00  75.00  70.00
2-axis Ethernet/RS232
 1,695.00  1,695.00  1,610.00
3-axis Ethernet/RS232
 1,995.00  1,995.00  1,895.00
4-axis Ethernet/RS232
 2,295.00  2,295.00  2,180.00
5-axis Ethernet/RS232
 2,695.00  2,695.00  2,560.00
6-axis Ethernet/RS232
 2,895.00  2,895.00  2,750.00
7-axis Ethernet/RS232
 3,045.00  3,045.00  2,895.00
8-axis Ethernet/RS232
 3,195.00  3,195.00  3,035.00

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