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Graphical Workstations

4.3" TFT Color Display, 128MB Flash, 2 Ethernet/USB, RS232/422/485

eTOP504  - Graphical Workstations
from $705.00/ea

The UniOP eTOP Series 500 HMI products combine state-of-the-art features and top performance with an outstanding design. They are the ideal choice for all demanding HMI applications including factory and building automation.

The eTOP Series 500 HMI panels have been designed to run the JMobile software.  Features include:

  • JMobile runtime included. Full compatibility with JMobile Studio.
  • Full vector graphic support. Native support of SVG graphic objects. Trasparency and alpha blending.
  • Full object dynamics: control visibility and transparency, move, resize, rotate any object on screen.
  • Change properties of basic and complex objects.
  • TrueType fonts
  • Multilanguage applications. Easily create and manage your applications in multiple languages to meet global requirements. Far East languages are supported.Tools available in JMobile Studio support easy third-party translations and help reducing development and maintenance costs of the application.
  • Data display in numerical, text, bargraph, analog gauges and graphic image formats.
  • Rich set of state-of-the-art HMI features: data acquisition, alarm handling, scheduler and timed actions (daily and weekly schedulers, exception dates),recipes, users and passwords, e-mail & RSS feeds, rotating menus.
  • Includes support for a wide range of communication drivers for Factory & Building Automation systems.
  • Multiple drivers communication capability.
  • Remote monitoring and control. Client-Server functionality. Mobile clients supported.
  • Remote maintenance and support with VNC-based functionality.
  • Off-line and On-line simulation with JMobile Studio.
  • Powerful scripting language for automating HMI applications. Script debugging improves efficiency in application development.
  • Rich gallery of symbols and objects.
  • Project templates.
  • Optional plug-in modules for fieldbus systems, I/O and controllers.
  • Wide dimming to 0% supported.

To help reduce your implementation costs, more than 200 communication drivers, allowing you to connect to a wide variety of industrial devices. And your training and support costs will be minimized, as all units are set up with a single, easy-to-use Windows-based configuration software package.

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Features of Graphical Workstations

  • Resistive touchscreen
  • 2 Ethernet ports with switch function
  • USB Host port
  • SD Card slot
  • Multistandard Serial Port
  • Connection to bus systems using optional plug-in modules
  • Powerful and intuitive programming with
  • JMobile software

Name/Description 1-4 (US$) 5-9 (US$) 10-24 (US$)
4.3" TFT Color Display, 128MB Flash, 2 Ethernet/USB, RS232/422/485
 705.00  705.00  675.00
JMobile Studio Software - 10 License Activation Keys
 1,895.00  0.00  0.00
JMobile Studio Software - 2 License Activation Keys
 495.00  0.00  0.00
JMobile Studio Software - 5 License Activation Keys
 995.00  0.00  0.00
JMobile Studio Software - 30 Day Trial Version N/C
 0.00  0.00  0.00
Plug-in module for CAN CoDeSys
 249.00  249.00  0.00
Plug-in module for CANopen
 199.00  199.00  0.00
Plug-in module for KNX/EIB (TP Interface)
 189.00  189.00  0.00
Plug-in modle for RS232 to add another serial port
 169.00  169.00  0.00
Plug in module RS422/485 to add another serial port
 219.00  219.00  0.00
Plug-in module for CoDeSys
 199.00  199.00  0.00
Plug-in module for Profibus DP (HMI is a slave)
 269.00  269.00  0.00
I/O Module w/20 DI, 12 DO, 8 programmable AI, 4 programmable AO, 1 PT100
 750.00  750.00  0.00
I/O Module w/ 8 DI, 6 DO, 1 Relay Output CoDeSys V2 license
 289.00  289.00  0.00
/O Module w/20 DI, 12 DO, 8 programmable AI, 4 programmable AO, 1 PT100 CoDeSys
 775.00  775.00  0.00
I/O Module w/ 8 DI, 6 DO, 1 Relay Output
 259.00  259.00  0.00

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